Professor | Denis Kozhkukhin
10.07.24 > 19:30

> Fondation Louis Moret

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Denis Kozhukhin brings together two pillars of piano literature: Schubert’s last sonata and Liszt’s impressive sonata in B minor. In 1828, a few weeks before his death, Schubert composed his last piano sonata D 960 in B flat major. From the very first, movingly simple theme, Schubert takes us on an ambivalent journey, oscillating between joy and nostalgia. Echoing this, we hear one of the most vast sonatas in the Romantic repertoire. Liszt’s revolutionary Sonata features contrasting themes in its single movement, suggesting an intense dramatic plot!


F. Schubert  /  Sonate pour piano en si bémol majeur D 960

F. Liszt  /  Sonate pour piano en si mineur S.178


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Fondation Louis Moret
Chemin des Barrières 33
1920 Martigny