Jan Jansen




Jan Jansen studied at the Utrecht Conservatory organ, piano and harpsichord. In 1970 he was awarded the Prix d’Excellence for organ. From 1987 until 2011 he has been the organist of the Domkerk in Utrecht where
alongside his busy liturgical duties he curates the well-known Saturday afternoon music series with the Domcantorij. He has made a large number of CD recordings, including the complete organ works of Felix Mendelssohn, CD’s with works from Cesar Franck and Johann Sebastian Bach [ ao Goldberg Variationen; Achtzehn Leipziger Choräle and the Sechs Triosonaten]. He is a much sought-after continuo player and did record Vivaldi’s Four Seasons with his daughter Janine and Bach Violin Concerto’s and Sonata’s for Violin and Harpsichord. Jan Jansen was a correpetitor and did teach music theory also at the Utrecht Arts College.

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