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Founded in 1952 by the famous violinist Tibor Varga, the Académie de Musique Tibor Varga (AMTV) takes place every summer, hosting professors and students wanting to improve their musical skills. Lessons take several forms:

  • Masterclasses: last one week (from Monday to Saturday). Take advantage of at least 3 private lessons of one hour each with the teacher of your choice. Intended for students graduated from a Conservatory or a University Music Department and for young professional musicians who want to work with new professors or prepare for an exam or competition. An accompanist is also present during part of the lessons. Several concerts are organised to offer the opportunity to play in public.
  • Campus Musicus: This orchestra camp lasts two weeks and is mainly designed for strings and young musicians (from 10 to 20 years old).
  • Junior Masterclasses: just like the Masterclasses, the Junior Masterclasses are intended for younger musicians aged between 10 to 20 years (at least 3 years of practice is required).

Dates and deadlines

The Academy will take place from July 15th to August 17th 2019.   Registration opening with rate 1                               January 15th 2019 Registration deadline with rate 1                              Avril 14th 2019 Registration deadline with rate 2                              May 19th 2019 Deadline for scholarships demands                          May 19th 2019 Late registration deadline with rate 3(*)                    From May 20th 2019 Scholarship and registration validations                   June 16th 2019 Payment deadline                                                      June 30th 2019   (*) Only if there are still places available, no scholarship applications possible.


Registration is exclusively available on-line via the Academy website. The administration office is at your disposal for further information.

Masterclasses Fees

Prices vary depending on the lenght and type of masterclass as well as on the professor.

  • Junior course    CHF 300.-
  • Masterclass     CHF 450.-
  • Singing 10 days    CHF 640.-
  • Masterclass, two weeks    CHF 750.-

Registration fees and accommodation fees

Registration fees and accommodation fees vary depending on the date of the receipt of administrative fees according to the table below:

  Registration fees Accommodation fees
Before April 14th CHF 100.- CHF 30.- / night
Before May 19th CHF 150.- CHF 35.- / night
From May 20th CHF 200.- CHF 40.- / night

  If a student would like to benefit from accommodation, the cost must be paid with the registration fees by June 30th 2019 at the latest. Registration for any masterclass will be validated only after receiving the registration fees. The date of receipt of registration fees determines the rate category. Course fees must be paid before the beginning of the Academy by bank transfer. Pay attention that PayPal charge a fee, which will be at your expense (4%).  

Number of participants

Professors generally welcome between 8 and 12 students. If too many students have applied for a masterclass, the professor may make a pre-selection. The final decision will be announced by June 16th. In case of insufficient students enrolled, the Academy reserves the right to cancel a masterclass.


Students may take advantage of housing in private homes organised by the Academy. This organisation concern only students from the Academy (except for accompanied minors). In most lodgings, but not all, students may play their instrument until 22:00, at the latest. Students must pick up their keys during opening hours either at the Academy office (see below: Office) or from the accommodation provider. If the accommodation is left damaged or if a neighbour complains about noise at night (music after 22.00), the Academy reserves the right to charge additional fees. The Academy offers the best possible accommodation, but is not responsible for additional services (Wi-Fi, use of the kitchen, etc.). Fees paid with the registration are not refundable. If no accommodation request is made at the time of enrolment, the student must reserve his/her own lodging.


In case of force majeure, a partial refund of the registration fees will be considered on presentation of proof (e.g., a medical certificate) in a timely manner. The Academy reserves the right to assess each situation on a case-by-case basis.


Following registration, accommodation and/or masterclass scholarships can exceptionally be granted to students who satisfy the following conditions: under 25 years old, difficult financial situation and outstanding musical results and references (video must be provided). Scholarship applications are processed and validated at the latest by June 16th. Students will be personally informed by email. A scholarship is valued at 300 CHF. It will be directly deducted from the final invoice. With the valuable support the Lyra Fondation and the hosts of the city of Sion.


Bank details

Banque Cantonale du Valais – Place des Cèdres 8, CH – 1951 Sion, Account: Fondation Sion Violon Musique IBAN:  CH57 0076 5000 C087 0582 6 SWIFT / BIC: BCVSCH2LXXX CCP: 19-81-6 Payments in cash or by cheque are not accepted.

Welcome and transports

All students must come personally to the Academy office during opening hours upon arrival in order to get their student card and practical information. If you plan to arrive outside of opening hours, you are asked to inform the office. Transport organisation and cost are borne by students.

Academy Office

Students and professors are welcome at the Academy office (address: 7 Place Ambuel, 1950 Sion). Opening hours:

  • Monday to Friday: from 09:00 to 12:00 and from 13:30 to 18:00.
  • Saturday: from 09:00 to 13:00.
  • Sunday: from 17:00 to 20:00.

Depending on concerts times, the office extends its opening hours.

Pianist’s accompaniment

Each student receives one hour and a half of piano accompaniment during the masterclass. If any student wants to practice with the pianist outside of the one and a half hour already included in the masterclass, the fees for extra hour is CHF 70/hour. Singing masterclasses do not follow this rule. Piano accompaniment is all included in the masterclass fees. Please do not forget to take your music for the pianist.

Teaching and working rooms

Teaching and practice rooms are located in the old town of Sion, either in the Conservatoire Cantonal (13 Place du Scex), or in one of the two buildings of the University of Music – HEMU, Haute Ecole de Musique – (13 Rue du Vieux-Collège and 5 Rue de Gravelone) and in the Collège de la Planta (1 Avenue du Petit-Chasseur). The Academy provides students with several practice rooms with pianos, free of charge, from 8:00 to 22:00 daily. Students share the assigned practice rooms based on mutual understanding.

Foyer of the Academy

The Foyer of the Academy is located under the Théâtre de Valère. It is at the disposal of students and professors before and after final masterclass concerts. Snacks and beverages are available at a reasonable cost. A welcome party is organised every week on Tuesday evening at 19:00 for students, professors and the Academy staff to share a convivial evening together.  

Concerts and Recitals

Throughout the Academy, several concert opportunities are organised:

  • Every Wednesday at 11:15 a concert with piano accompaniment takes place at the Ancien Pénitencier museum, (24 Rue des Châteaux). A wine tasting is offered by the wine producers of Sion to the public. After the concert, a free meal is provided to the musicians in a partner restaurant of the Academy in the old town. Participating musicians are chosen by the professors.
  • Bella-Tola (St-Luc): Every Wednesday evening at 20:00, a concert with piano accompaniment takes place in this charming hotel in the heart of the Anniviers Valley. Departure from Sion at 18:00. A free meal is provided by the hotel after the concert. Return to Sion around 23:00. Participating musicians are chosen by the professors.
  • Every Thursday at 19:15, a concert with piano accompaniment takes place at the Arcades du Grand-Pont (Sion). A wine tasting is offered by the wine producers of Sion to the public. After the concert, a free meal is provided to the musicians in a partner restaurant of the Academy in the old town. Participating musicians are chosen by the professors.
  • Final masterclass concert: at the end of every masterclass, a closing concert takes place in the Eglise des Jésuites.


By submitting the online registration form, candidates agree to accept the general conditions of these rules, the French version of which is binding. The Academy reserves the right to record, reproduce and broadcast free of charge, whether on the radio, television, video, CD, DVD or any other medium or format, all student performances. The same applies to any interviews and/or photo sessions granted to the Media.


Contact :   Fondation Sion Violon Musique Place Ambuel 7 1950 Sion