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The Sion Violin Music Foundation (SVM) is the result of the reunification of the Tibor Varga Music Academy, the Sion Festival and the Tibor Varga Sion Valais International Violin Competition. Founded in 1962, 1964 and 1967 respectively by Hungarian violinist Tibor Varga, these three sub-organizations have gone on to be very successful. In the early 2000s, the Academy, the Festival, and the Competition were split into three different organisations, with the competition further split into two different sections until 2013.

In May 2017 the three organizations were reunited under the name “Sion Violin Music Foundation”. The three sub-organizations each remain professionally and artistically independent, while often finding opportunities to collaborate.

The history of the foundation

The Board

The Foundation Board is composed of 11 members, most of whom are active as volunteers in one of three areas of the organization. They meets every six months to make strategic decisions for the foundation. A further steering committee meets monthly to oversee the administration of the foundation.

The board members


The goal of the Foundation is to organise music events in and around Sion:

  • – The summer music Academy, and/or masterclasses during the year;
  • – The Violin Competition ;
  • – The Classical Music Festival ;
  • – Any other events in line with the Foundation’s goals.

The actions of the foundation


Every year the Foundation seeks volunteers for various activities (reception and transportation of artists, accommodation for students, reception of sponsors and the public, etc…). Contact us!

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Contact the foundation