Cédric Pescia & Nurit Stark



Since they met in the chamber music class of the Alban Berg Quartet at the Musikhochschule in Cologne, Nurit Stark and Cédric Pescia have dedicated a large part of their activities to the practice of chamber music.

They have performed as a duo on the greatest stages with famous chamber music partners. In parallel with their activities as teachers at the Universities of Stuttgart and Geneva, they give chamber music lessons together.

The masteclass is open to any combination of two or more people.

Each group will receive 5 lessons of 60 minutes; one of these courses will be given jointly by Nurit Stark and Cédric Pescia, the others will be divided between the two professors.

The practice of chamber music is an excellent opportunity to connect musicians and allow them to seek a common language; it represents a key to develop sensitivity, analytical capacity and a deep listening to the other and to oneself.