Flying Steps
23.08.23 > 20:00

> Théâtre du Crochetan


Flying Bach


1837, Robert Schumann writes to his teacher: “I am studying Bach. This music gives me a taste for the artistic beauties of life”. An appetite for the world, an open eye for its splendour, a beating heart. Bach’s work has this singular virtue: it stimulates the senses and the intellect, fires the creative imagination and arouses unexpected impulses.

Who, for example, could have suspected the attraction that the scores of the Cantor – who died more than 200 years ago – would have, in the middle of the 21st century, for the break dancers of the Flying Steps troupe? The meeting seemed inevitable, however, if you look at the result. This unique dialogue between the arts, between eras, between styles, has delighted a large audience for several years. Now it’s your turn to enter the world of this flying Bach!


Concert venue

Théâtre du Crochetan
avenue du Théâtre 9
1870 Monthey