Musique en fête
19.08.23 > 07:00

> Vieille ville de Sion


The Music That Came in from the Cold

Musique en fête: this is a well-known event that joyfully illuminates the summer in Sion. For one day, the capital of the Valais will be living to the rhythm of other places, offering a stimulating and poetic musical itinerary through the old town. From the dawn Angelus to the evening Angelus, the concerts will follow one another, in places that are sometimes familiar, often unknown. The notes will fly away, light, and their wake will trace a bushy path, underlining the rich architectural heritage of the city.

This year, Nordic traditions will be invited to the medieval city. Whether from Scandinavia, Iceland or the Baltic States, “Music That Came in from the Cold” will refresh you, make you dream, laugh or dance.

Conceived in partnership with the Conservatoire Cantonal and Schubertiade Sion, the concerts of this beautiful day will all be free. Come in great numbers!




  • 7h00, Carnotzet de l’Hôtel de Ville
    Valéik Hälfte des Lebens


  • 8h15, Jardins de la Diète
    HEMU, Duo to Quatet


  • 9h30, Fondation de Wolff
    Fire Geder (In collaboration with Schubertiade Sion)
    Aline Arn violin, Xavier Mettan violin, Thomas Simonet viola, Florian Colombo cello


  • 10h45, Les Arsenaux
    Ineo Quartet


  • 12h15, Maison du Diable
    Trio Palissandre (In collaboration with the Conservatoire Cantonal du Valais)
    Picnic lunch available on site


  • 14h00, Eglise des Jésuites
    Fanny Monnet piano (In collaboration with Schubertiade Sion)


  • 15h15, Eglise de St-Théodule
    Campus Musicus youth orchestra


  • 16h30, Eglise de St-Théodule
    La Schola de Sion


  • 18h00, Jardins de la préfecture
    Lionel Monnet piano et Ophélie Gaillard cello (In collaboration with the Jerzy Semkow Foundation)

Concert venue

Vieille ville de Sion
vieille ville
1950 sion

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