The Fanfaribole of the Conservatory



La Fanfaribole, led by trombonist Pascal Emonet, is an ensemble with an original composition and a wide range of sounds. In addition to wind instruments (brass and woodwinds), its ranks include a string quintet, a harp, an accordion, a bass guitar and a whole battery of percussion. Most of the musicians in the group are advanced students of the Conservatoire Cantonal de Sion, surrounded by a few adults. The ensemble’s repertoire is regularly enriched by original creations. In the summer of 2016, participating in the Montreux Jazz Festival, La Fanfaribole accompanied trumpet player Ibrahim Maalouf on the Stravinsky stage, an unforgettable memory. In 2019, it represented the canton of Valais at the Fête des Vignerons in Vevey. Finally, the revival of the Fanfaribole’s 10th anniversary concert, Voi(x)es du désir, was performed at the Docks in Lausanne as part of the Festival Label Suisse.

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