Jean Morisod




Born in Monthey in 1981, Jean Morisod studied pedagogy, then theology and philosophy. During his studies, he pursued his research in the field of drawing and painting, and then began training as a ceramist at the School of Applied Arts in Vevey. His work, largely inspired by nature, is a research on the tool considered as an extension of the body. He is fascinated by the essence of the material and its transformations and by the confrontation between the gesture and its trace. He works mainly with graphite, monotype, watercolour and ink on paper. He regularly exhibits in Switzerland and abroad and also creates live artistic performances for concerts and shows. He has worked with Roland Vouilloz, Yannick Barman, Kaori Ito, Gian Manuel Rau, Maxime Gianinetti, Olivier Estoppey, Karine Barman.