IMAGE Theatre | Family Concert
31.08.24 > 11:00

> Théâtre Le Baladin


Short version adapted for the whole family


A poetic journey awaits the spectators of this evening devoted to black light theatre. Between light and shadow, this magical moment combines visual illusion, music, pantomime and dance. All you have to do is let yourself be surprised!


Popularised in the Czech Republic in the 1950s, this live show reveals its history through the interplay of fluorescent costumes and black light. The resulting visual illusions are astonishing: actors and objects seem to levitate on the stage. From the first notes of the music, an almost mystical atmosphere is created. The lights go down, and the stage gradually lights up, letting our imaginations guide us through this captivating experience.


The Best of Image offers a stroll through some of the most successful scenes by this troupe founded in 1989. A haunting soundtrack accompanies the different scenes, transporting us into a world of dreams. This immersive experience transcends the boundaries of the imagination: we enter a parallel universe that humorously defies the laws of gravity. What a fantastic experience!

In this short version, it’s a fantastic experience that’s perfect for a family outing!


Concert venue

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Théâtre Le Baladin
Route du Caro 40
1965 Savièse