Julien Zufferey


Violin | Pre-College


Julien Zufferey trained with Tibor Varga in Sion, Margarita Karafilova in Lausanne and Berent Korfker in Amsterdam before continuing his studies with Shmuel Ashkenasi in Chicago and Lübeck.


Internationally, he performs in numerous concerts in several festivals with different orchestras. Julien Zufferey is a founding member of the Nota Bene trio who he has been performing with on European stages for over ten years, collaborating with artists such as Shmuel Ashkenasi, Nobuko Imai, Ilya Gringolts, Silvia Simionescu, Gérard Caussé, Christoph Schiller, Jürg Dähler, Pierre Amoyal, Shlomo Mintz, Fabio di Càsola and Brigitte Fournier.


Julien is also violin professor at the Conservatoire Populaire de Musique de Genève and the Conservatoire de Lausanne, and assistant to Svetlana Makarova at the HEMU in Lausanne.


He plays on a violin made by J.-B. Vuillaume (1866), generously granted to him by a Swiss patron.

Sion Academy Masterclass

05.08.2024 -> 09.08.2024 : Summer Academy Professors

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