Mozart, Kancheli and Auerbach
17.08.18 > 20:00

> Théâtre de Valère






Opening Concert

We are often told how everything is accelerating – everything is getting carried away, everything is going too fast – but that is not new. As Ronsard and so many others before him have said: “time is going away, time is going away, Madam…” only what can be done about this? Some sob, others revolt; others embrace the moment, and are perpetually suspended between before and after. This is the path chosen by the two contemporary composers who feature in the program of this inaugural evening – Guia Kancheli and Lera Auerbach. Through their music both seek to reflect the present through new forms, whilst carrying within them – though without nostalgia – the glorious and ghostly reflections of the past. And the past tonight is Mozart.


In 1785 Mozart wrote his 20th piano concerto at the age of 29. This concerto, along with the 24th, is written in a minor key and is one of the composer’s most accomplished, known for its remarkable dramatic intensity from beginning to end. Theatrical and profound, Mozart always knew how to surprise his contemporaries. Now aptly classified in the “genius” category his music not often heard in all its vigor. Auerbach’s Zweifacher Traum, directly based on fragments of two luminous pieces from Mozart’s repertoire, the concerto for flute and harp and the andante KV 315, will thus provide a welcome opportunity to hear Mozart in a new way.


Tonight, the music will float between the past and future – encouraging us to take a step back and reflect over the three period of the festival.


The work by Guia Kancheli is in collaboration with Festival Pietrasanta in concerto


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  /  Concerto pour piano No. 20. KV 466

Guia Kancheli  /  Création mondiale

Lera Auerbach  /  Zweifacher Traum - Concerto grosso No.5 for violin, piano and orchestra  -  Based on fragments of Mozart (KV 299 et 315)


Concert venue

Théâtre de Valère
rue du Vieux Collège 22
1950 Sion