Professor | George Vassilev
06.08.23 > 11:00

> Fondation Louis Moret

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Travelling guitars

From Johann Sebastian Bach and his Suite BWV 997 – originally written for the Lautenwerck (lute-harpsichord) – to Ejnar Kanding’s Suite Resonances for guitar and electronics, George Vassilev’s program is all about variety. Under the musician’s deft fingers, strings travel through time – and geography! Joaquin Turina, one of the great figures of early 20th-century Hispanic music, takes us to Seville, describing its lively streets, sunshine and splendor; Carlo Domeniconi, for his part, gives us his sonic reading of the Turkish countryside with his Suite Koyunbaba – otherwise known as pastoral – inspired by the life of a Sufi monk saint. Vassilev himself awakens solar Spanish memories with his Tema Flamenca.

Let’s open our ears and set off on an adventure: the guitar will be our guide!


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Fondation Louis Moret
Chemin des Barrières 33
1920 Martigny

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