R. Galliano, S. Makarova, L. Belmondo, South Czech Philharmonic & J. Talich
16.08.24 > 19:30

> Théâtre de Valère


An exceptional evening dedicated to the work of Richard Galliano for the opening of the 60th Sion Festival! This legendary accordionist takes us on a journey through his rich and varied musical universe, in which classical, jazz, tango and musette blend together. He will be sharing the stage with the South Czech Philharmonic, who will be celebrating their roots by performing a selection of different pieces by Czech composer Antonin Dvořák.


In a new arrangement of his concerto Il Passaggio, for violin, harp and accordion, Galliano captivates us with his innovative writing. The title seems to evoke both the passage from one style to another, and the interactions between the soloists and the orchestra. Tonight, Letizia Belmondo, Svetlana Makarova and Richard Galliano will be in fascinating sonic harmony with the South Czech Philharmonic.


With Oblivion, we rediscover the world and rhythms of tango! Galliano brings a highly personal vision to Piazzolla’s emblematic composition. Using the full expressive and virtuosic range of his accordion, he makes us rediscover this passionate, melancholy tango with emotion.


Finally, two pieces for accordion and orchestra transcend musical genres. Opale Concerto and Petite Suite française blend musette and jazz influences in an infectious joy!


A. Dvořák  /  Œuvre d'A. Dvořák

R. Galliano  /  Petite Suite française

R. Galliano  /  Passaggio, Concerto pour violon, harpe, accordéon, clavecin, orchestre à cordes et percussions  -  Première mondiale

A. Dvořák  /  Œuvre d'A. Dvořák

R. Galliano  /  Opale Concerto

A. Piazzolla  /  Oblivion


Concert venue

Théâtre de Valère
rue du Vieux Collège 22
1950 Sion