2nd Round - International Violin Competition Tibor Varga
31.08.21 > 13:00

> Eglise des Jésuites


The candidates of the Tibor Varga International Violin Competition 2021 will have to show rigour and combine the expressiveness necessary to their art with an irreproachable instrumental technique. Indeed, the competition is demanding and it is first of all in solo that the musicians will have to perform, during the first round. These bare-bones performances, without any pianistic or orchestral support, are particularly formidable, leaving the participants “without a net”. It will certainly be exciting for the audience to listen to the sound of each musician and to measure the artistic autonomy of each of them. It will be good, however, not to forget the degree of difficulty of such an exercise. The compulsory piece, of great richness, has been commissioned to Michel Petrossian by the Competition and will be premiered on this occasion – an elegant and stimulating way of reminding us of the importance of the contemporary repertoire in the maturation of an artist.

After this solitary stage, the second round will require a strong sense of communication, as it will confront the candidates with the exercise of the sonata with piano.


A piece from each category: A, B and C
The Jury reserves the right to choose the movements to be played.


  • Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata N° 3, 5, 6 or 8
  • Johannes Brahms: Sonata N° 1 in G major, Op. 78 or Sonata N° 2 in A major, Op. 100 or Sonata N° 3 in D minor, Op. 108
  • Wolfgang A. Mozart: Sonata in C major, K.403 or Sonata in B-flat major, K.378
  • Franz Schubert: Sonata in A major, D. 574
  • Robert Schumann: Sonata N° 1 in A minor, Op. 105 or Sonata N° 2 in D minor, Op. 121


  • Claude Debussy: Sonata for violin and piano
  • Leoš Janáček: Sonata for violin and piano, JW VII/7
  • Sergei Prokofiev: Sonata for violin and piano N° 1 or N°2
  • Georges Enesco: Sonata for violin and piano N° 3 in A minor, Op. 25
  • Francis Poulenc: Sonata for violin and piano
  • Béla Bartók: Sonata for violin and piano N° 1, Sz. 75 or N° 2, Sz. 76
  • Maurice Ravel: Sonata for violin and piano M. 77
  • Arnold Schönberg: Phantasy for violin and piano, Op. 47
  • Karol Szymanowski: Sonata for violin and piano in D minor, Op. 9
  • Sándor Veress: Sonata for violin and piano N° 2


  • Piece of virtuosity for solo violin or violin with piano at the candidate’s free choice


Concert venue

Eglise des Jésuites
rue du Vieux-Collège 13
1950 Sion