Janine Jansen, T. Ridout, D. Blendulf & D. Kozhukhin
30.08.23 > 19:30

> Ferme-Asile


Brahms’ chamber music is one of the most intimate bodies of work of the 19th century. Throughout his career, the composer wrote marvellously, mostly for his closest friends or his muses – the violinist Joseph Joachim; the clarinettist Richard Mühlfeld; the pianist Clara Schumann. These discreet and warm scores reveal a bubbling inner world where the most contradictory emotions mingle and collide… Joy and melancholy, serenity and doubt, feverishness and appeasement… The music, almost miraculously, balances all this, distributing the word between the different instruments, gathered for a friendly and always fervent dialogue.

Some treasures from this repertoire are offered to us by Janine Jansen and her prestigious guests.


J. Brahms  /  Sonate pour violon et piano n°2 en la majeur, Op. 100

J. Brahms  /  Sonate pour alto et piano en mi bémol majeur, Op. 120 n°2

J. Brahms  /  Quatuor avec piano n°3 en do mineur, Op. 60


Concert venue

Promenade des Pêcheurs 10
1950 Sion