Janine Jansen, T. Ridout, D. Blendulf, D. Kozhukhin, T. Keller, S. Makarova & T. Lai
03.09.23 > 17:00

> Ferme-Asile


The early years of the 20th century oscillated between the luxury of a flamboyant post-Romanticism and the impulses of an increasingly irrepressible modernity. The programme assembled by Janine Jansen for this closing concert lifts a corner of the veil on the chamber music production of these transitional years. Composed during the twenty years leading up to the outbreak of the Great War, the music chosen creates a rich and winding path. It constantly hesitates between the intimacy of the smallest group and the desire to raise the spectre of an imaginary orchestra.
Around Ravel’s Trio, well known to music lovers, two rarer works help to paint a sensitive portrait of this changing world: Chausson’s delicate Concert and Turina’s sunny Scène andalouse.


M. Ravel  /  Trio avec piano en la mineur, M. 67

J. Turina  /  Scène Andalouse, pour alto, piano, et quatuor à cordes, Op. 7

E. Chausson  /  Concert pour piano, violon et quatuor à cordes en ré majeur, Op. 21


Concert venue

Promenade des Pêcheurs 10
1950 Sion