Lena Belkina, Elena Zhukova & Ineo Quartet
19.08.23 > 19:30

> Ferme-Asile


Lena Belkina’s voice invites us on a double journey… A journey through time – from the baroque whirlwind to the most contemporary creation. A journey in space: Venice, Ukraine, Norway… Surrounded by Elena Zhukova’s keyboard and the strings of the Ineo Quartet, the young mezzo-soprano will summon up the most varied emotions and offer a singing tour in which the most frantic virtuosity will be followed by more intimate notes. Thus, the evening will pass with greed from the sweetness of Solveig’s Song to the brilliance of flamboyant Vivaldian arias, without any hesitation.

A highlight of this beautiful moment of vocal music, the fragments of the recent Requiem for Mariupol will shine with the thousand lights of their painful intensity, reminding us that music can sometimes have an important testimonial value.


A. Vivaldi  /  Sposa, son disperata

A. Vivaldi  /  Armatae face ed anguibus

A. Vivaldi  /  Vedro con mio diletto

G. F. Haendel  /  Ombra mai fu

G. F. Haendel  /  Crude furie

G. F. Haendel  /  Lascia ch’io pianga

E. Grieg  /  Je t'aime

E. Grieg  /  La Chanson de Solveig (tirée de Peer Gynt)

Z. Almashi  /  Oui, seule toi es mon véritable amour

Z. Almashi  /  Berceuse

Z. Almashi  /  Les pensées vertes du renard

I. Razumeiko  /  Fragments d'Un Requiem pour Marioupol


Concert venue

Promenade des Pêcheurs 10
1950 Sion