N. Dessay, J. Barbanègre & Ensemble Agora
04.09.22 > 11:00

> Théâtre de Valère


The Nutcracker 

The Nutcracker or the Mouse King was originally a tale that came out of the mad mind of Ernst Theodor Hoffmann, a major figure in German Romanticism. Published in 1816, the text immediately attracted the attention of a wide readership. It follows the adventures of a little girl, who is confronted with the mystery when, one Christmas night, her toys come to life for better or for worse. Adapted into French by Alexandre Dumas, the story was distributed even more widely and, in the early 1890s, aroused the interest of Tchaikovsky’s collaborators.

At first reluctant – because he felt the plot was too weak for Hoffmann’s original text – the composer finally accepted the proposal, and the French version of the tale served as the starting point for the plot of a fairy-tale ballet, which premiered in December 1892. A poetic fable about the passage to adolescence, The Nutcracker retains from beginning to end a lightness and elegance that immediately made it a “youth” classic. The Agora Ensemble offers us its own reading of this timeless score, in an adaptation for chamber ensemble, narrator and illustrator. A family show, for young and old.


Concert venue

Théâtre de Valère
rue du Vieux Collège 22
1950 Sion