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Eduard Wulfson was born in Riga in 1953 and began his study of the violin at the age of six, giving his first concert at The Riga Conservatory at the age of nine. His early teacher, Professor Sturestep, was followed by Professor Waiman at the Conservatory of St Petersburg, and by Professor Bezrodny at the Moscow Conservatory. In the 1970s, he continued working in Western Europe with Nathan Milstein, Yehudi Menuhin, Henryk Szering and Miriam Solovieff.


He is a prize-winner of the Paganini and Zagreb Competitions and took a “Grand Prix des Beaux Arts” in Munich. He has performed as soloist all over the world, in collaboration with great musicians such as Natalia Gutman, Yuri Bashmet, Yehudi Menuhin, Ida Haendel and Dimitri Yablonsky with whom he has collaborated and recorded (for Naxos) two Rachmaninov Trios. The international media acclaim the incomparable playing of Eduard Wulfson.


As described by Maestro Y. Menuhin, “the playing of Eduard Wulfson is in the best Russian tradition”.


Professor Eduard Wulfson has been a leading advisor to prestigious institutions and private clients about rare stringed instruments for more than thirty-five years.
His company “Rare Musical Instruments Consulting” (Edwulstrad RMIC Ltd) is based in Geneva. He is especially known for advising on the fine stringed-instruments market and finding the best and scarcest instruments. Using his expertise, Professor Wulfson helps his prestigious clients to acquire wonderful Italian stringed instruments made by famous makers such as Antonio Stradivari, Guarneri Del Gesu, and Niccolo Amati.


For thirty years, Eduard Wulfson has been known as an eminent professor helping to prepare new generation of the greatest soloists.
Among his achievements as pedagogue and mentor are Kristof Barati, Daniel Lozakovich, Alexandra Conunova, Marc Bouchkov, Dumitru Pocitari and Daniel Kogan.

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