1st Round | Tibor Junior Competition
30.08.22 > 14:00

> Eglise des Jésuites


14 candidates


Pieces of  N. Paganini, A. Pärt and A. Vivaldi


What qualities are needed to embrace the life of a violinist! Of course, a mastered, worked and homogeneous sound is necessary. But in addition to this technical ability, there are many more strictly musical virtues. You have to be able to listen to others, to be discreet at times, in order to burst forth when the music demands it; you have to adapt to the various repertoires, to the various ensembles; you have to know how to impose your personality, while remaining open to the suggestions of your colleagues. And then there is memorization, communication, stage presence…


The young artists selected for the first and second rounds of the Tibor Junior Competition will have the chance to put these many skills to the test in a demanding but benevolent atmosphere. Indeed, this competition is one of the only ones to offer its candidates the chance to play all the rounds with an orchestra, to work in pairs for certain imposed pieces, and even to share the stage with some of the jury members. The repertoire required of these budding artists is also very broad, ranging from baroque music to contemporary works. Although they are young, the participants are taken seriously, and the journey through these first rounds will prove to be a stimulating and resolutely unique educational experience for them. So come in large numbers to support the next generation of violinists.


Free admission


Concert venue

Eglise des Jésuites
rue du Vieux-Collège 13
1950 Sion