Professors | Mi-Kyung Lee & Nigel Clayton
04.08.23 > 19:00

> Fondation de Wolff

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It’s a beautiful autumn. Robert Schumann’s home is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Joseph Joachim, a virtuoso violinist whose visit promises intense moments of friendship and music. Around Robert, Albert Dietrich, one of his pupils, and the young Johannes Brahms. A game was launched: “Let’s compose a sonata for Joachim, one movement each, and see if he can guess who wrote it”. No sooner said than done: in October 1853, Brahms was busy working on the sonata-devinette, in a spirit of shared joy. The notes F, A and E serve as the thematic basis, the three letters serving as an acronym for the violinist’s motto: Frei Aber Einsam (free, but alone). Brahms wrote the Scherzo, and it is said that Joachim was convinced from the very first reading.

Two of the repertoire’s great sonatas surround this nervous, ardent Scherzo, both also dedicated to great violinists. Debussy’s sonata was composed at the height of the war. Unwell, the musician had to abandon a tour of the United States with Arthur Hartmann. Too ill to leave with the violinist, he nevertheless completed the sonata he had intended to create with him, which he wrote would show posterity “what a sick man can write during a war”. The Kreutzer Sonata, Beethoven’s most famous sonata, owes its nickname to its dedication to Rodolphe Kreutzer – even though the latter never played it in public!

A tribute to today’s great performers, whose friendships and enmities inspired composers. Great listening!


Professors’ concert in collaboration with Schubertiade Sion


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Fondation de Wolff
Rue de Savièse 16
1950 Sion

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