R. Galliano, R. Frégni, Ensemble Vocal de Saint-Maurice, Charles Barbier & Orchestre du Festival
21.08.22 > 17:00

> Cathédrale de Notre-Dame de Sion


All roads lead to Marseille, and all roads leave from there. René Frégni follows the intricacies of this circularity, which is as disturbing as it is miraculous, sending the character of his first novel to tread the powder of the black roads. Cavales, escapes, wanderings, wanderings – the hero of this story exhausts all the pains and sweets of the road.


A powerful text, winner of the Prix Eugène-Dabit 1989, these Chemins noirs inspired the incomparable Richard Galliano to write a singular oratorio – half concerto for accordion, half musical theatre – in which Frégni’s rocky voice meets the multiple, rounded voices of a choir. But the real singer of the wild, solar and poignant life described by the author, will be this accordion, with it’s almost too human qualities…


A tribute to Piazzolla will accompany the oratorio – given as a Swiss premiere – as if to prolong the dance!


R. Galliano  /  Les Chemins noirs, un oratorio d'après des textes de René Fregni / Création suisse

Création suisse  /  Hommage à Piazzolla


Concert venue

Cathédrale de Notre-Dame de Sion
rue de la Cathédrale 13
1950 Sion

Event partners

  • La Seine Musicale