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Rustavi Ensemble, Kyiv Virtuosi Orchestra, Dmitry Yablonsky & Alexandra Tirsu
19.08.22 > 20:00

> Cathédrale de Notre-Dame de Sion


The opening concert of the Sion Festival 2022 will be dedicated to sharing and peace. It will feature artists from various regions of the European continent currently experiencing geopolitical conflicts. They have all chosen music as a means of demonstrating the importance of living together, forgiveness and harmony.

First of all, the Kyiv Virtuosi Orchestra will offer us an emblematic work by Valentin Silvestrov, one of the most renowned Ukrainian composers on the international scene. The Messenger is a marvellous dialogue that breaks down the boundaries of time. Mozartian fragments float on a carpet of light strings, and it is difficult to determine whether they question our current situation or offer answers. What remains certain is that this suspended meditation allows a remarkably poetic moment of distance, a necessary step aside in a world inhabited by violence and uncertainty. Felix Mendelssohn’s Tenth Chamber Symphony, a youthful work composed by a fourteen-year-old musician who was also deeply influenced by Mozart, will extend Silvestrov’s reflection.

In the second part, the choristers of the Rustavi Ensemble will unfold a wide sound landscape, whose echoes recall the ruggedness of the rocky landscape where they were born.


F. Mendelssohn  /  Symphonie pour orchestre à cordes n°10 en si mineur

V. Silvestrov  /  Le Messager

 /  Musiques sacrées et traditionnelles géorgiennes

A. Shor  /  Phantasms, 2e mouvement


Concert venue

Cathédrale de Notre-Dame de Sion
rue de la Cathédrale 13
1950 Sion