Janine Jansen, B. Brovtsyn, G. Ahss, H. Chang, M. Cimatti, W-H. Kim, J. La Cour, T. Pohjola, C. Lee, S. Ferrández, E. Ringstad, D. Blendulf, P. Ferrández, Y.-L. Green, J. W. Jansen, T. Boysen
02.09.22 > 20:00

> Eglise de Saint-Théodule de Sion


“Janine baroque”


Janine Jansen invites us to an intimate moment of early music. The Dutch violinist has chosen to gather family, friends and students around her for a few precious moments, around two great names of the late Baroque: Vivaldi and Bach. Some pages by both musicians will unfold their easily communicable charms, between trio sonatas and various transcriptions.


Janine Jansen, a recognised specialist in the chamber repertoire, will give this evening a powerful flavour, between poetic suspense and vehement movement. The complicity that unites the instrumentalists in the city will certainly be felt on stage – and this concert promises to be one of the highlights of this festival. We are waiting for you!



Concert venue

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Eglise de Saint-Théodule de Sion
Rue Saint-Théodule 14
1950 Sion